Rishil Parekh, or just Rish is easier.



I am a designer that aims to evolve our approach to the educator-learner relationship; focussing on autonomous learning, efficient communication on a visual plane, and incorporating varied body movement into everyday life.




To contribute to the paradigm shift that is necessary for an effective transition into the information age, while channeling the core concept of learning for the sake of learning as a fundamental human inclination.




My initial step has been the Fluid Learning project which I have created and facilitate at a primary school in north west London. I employ a variety of tools in my working practice allowing me to collect vigorous research, generate and test ideas, and produce responses; these may be in physical formats such as workshops, and digital formats which include graphic design and film.




Having recently graduated from Goldsmiths University with a BA in Design, I am currently working on some independent projects. Although I'm constantly exploring for new inspiration and am open to alternative directions.



Based in London but I’m virtually everywhere; get in touch with me here: mail@rishilparekh.com

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