Jana Workshop

Janalakshmi is a microfinance company that serves the urban underprivileged in India; Jana Foundation is the non-profit arm of the company that works on various initiatives to improve the quality of life for this section of society.


In June 2015 I travelled to Bangalore in South India to put together a workshop for young people which would be held at the Foundation’s Jana Pragati Centre - a space built to host all kinds of activity to enrich the community. Myself and Neeti Mallick worked together to carry out research, determine the content, and develop the information into material that would be delivered to girls aged 16-18 in a workshop entitled, 'Internet, Social Skills, Professionalism'. Our aim was to explain the necessary components of gaining employment. A short video is soon to be uploaded here.







This interactive workshop was received well by the students and the Foundation who are keen for us to follow this up with a short e-learning course which could be used around the country. Here is the workshop report.

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